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Under Construction

This page is basically a list of things that I plan on updating in the future. These may or may not happen, but I'd like to get around to it. :)


Someday I plan to write a list of biomes, complete with geographical features, foliage, types of prey, and other animals. This is to help with creating clans. I've actually started it, but I can't bring myself to finish it... not yet, at least.

Clan Article

Once I get all the other clan articles up and running, I will write an article about selecting which four clans your cats can live in.

Cats Database

I plan to write a list of every cat, every shred of description from the books I can get about them, and their mentors, apprentices, deaths, and family members. This is clearly going to be a big project.

Family Tree

One day, probably after I have finished all the Warriors books (I really haven't finished them yet), I will make my own family tree of all the cats in all the books. I will not copy and paste a family tree from another site. I believe in originality and will make it myself.
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