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Creating Cat Names

For the most part, every Warriors fan has pooled through name ideas for cats in their head. Some use these names for fanfiction, some use them for roleplaying, some just do it for fun. As someone who has thought up too many names to count, I have compiled some advice for those who want to make names that sound good and truly stick. Of course, don't get offended if a name you created is on here; these are merely suggestions. If you want to use a generic name, then go for it; this is just an article to help!

Generic Endings & Beginnings

Several name endings are very overused, and I would try to avoid them at all costs, unless you have a very unique beginning half.

On a similar tangent, there are several name beginnings that are very generic, usually color names.

Official Warriors Name + Generic Ending

Using a beginning portion of a well-known character from the Warriors series, combined with a generic ending, usually ends up with a pitifully generic and confusing name.

Combinations Similar to the Official Series

Combining first and second halves of different names from the Warriors series tends to make the name confusing.


While some name beginnings and endings sound good on their own, they make no sense or just sound bad when placed together.

Awkward Pronunciation

Often with the ending "yowl" (is it owl or is it yowl?), double letters, and where y's and e's get involved towards the middle of the name, pronunciation becomes difficult. Avoid these names at all costs.

Stay Within the Canon of Your Universe

By staying within the canon of your universe, I mean that you must take into account the environment that your cats are in. For example, if you're roleplaying a cat that resides in the original "Warriors" universe, then you should not use names that start with "Cheetah" or "Desert," because those cats do not have cheetahs as warrior ancestors and do not live near a desert to know what that is. However, if you a writing a fanfiction and the cats' warrior ancestors are, in fact, cheetahs, then having "Cheetahfoot" as a name isn't so bizarre. Likewise, if your cats live near a desert, then naming a cat "Desertflower" is acceptable as well. On another note, cats in the original Warriors universe do not know what angels are, and therefore would not have names like Angelpelt. Also, remember that names that contain "autumn," "fall," "spring," "summer," and "winter" involve "human" seasons, so cats in the original warriors universe would not have names like those either.


Like I said, these are JUST SUGGESTIONS. Take them with a grain of salt and take what you want out of them, and don't get offended if a name you created is up here. No one is going to hate you or your character if you name him Firepelt... although I'm sure Ambergaze would be much more interesting both to your story and to your readers :)