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Affiliates are more than just links to other sites. Affiliation is when two websites mutually agree to link to each other.


Honestly, I don't have many requirements for affiliation. All I ask is that your site have unique information, good presentation, and good grammar. Obviously, you can't steal images or hotlink, either, or I will not be your affiliate. I do, however, retain the right to deny any affiliation requests that I feel necessary.

How to Apply

E-mail me at warriorcatsresource[at]mail[dot]com. Make sure you put "Affiliate Request" in the subject, and a link to your website in the body.

What happens next?

Whenever I check my e-mail, I will either accept or reject your request. If I reject it, I will tell you why. This means you CANNOT link to me in your affiliate section. If I accept it, congratulations! You can put my button (found at Link to Warrior Cats Resource) under your affiliates section, and I will put yours under mine.