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About Site

Warrior Cats Resource was created sometime in late July of 2010. I created it because I always disliked seeing Warriors fansites that had either roleplaying or pictures and nothing else. It's not that there's something wrong with those types of sites; I just wanted something different. I wanted to read sites; I wanted to read articles and databases and information about Warriors. I knew I could do it, too. Before creating my site, I already had a solid foundation of HTML and CSS knowledge. I expanded upon that knowledge to create my site.

I started out using Atspace as a webhost. I was fine with it until I found it that it censored my website if it contains a swear word. I was not okay with that. More importantly, it did not have Side Server Includes (SSI)--basically, SSI is where different sections of your site are stored in different files. For example, if you update one navigation file, the navigation across your entire site changes. This is obviously very important to me. I quickly switched to Awardspace in early August 2010; however, the confirmation e-mail wouldn't send, so I had a lot of trouble getting started at first. However, I figured it out, and here my site stands today.

To be honest, this site doesn't have a whole lot of history. It's still relatively new. Expect this page to be updated as my website ages and evolves.