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About Me

You can call me Frostedfeather. I've read Warriors ever since it first came out in 2003 when a friend introduced the series to me. I was just in sixth grade. Back in that day, there were no Warriors fan sites, forums, or RPG's. The extent of conversation you could have about Warriors over the Internet was a very insignificant site - one about authors, not Warriors, where one could leave comments about various authors. I don't remember the name of the site, because it wasn't Warriors-specific; it was just about authors in general. There was almost nothing else related to Warriors on the Internet. And, yes, there was a time when no one suspected that Erin Hunter was actually multiple authors.

I grew out of Warriors after the first series ended. I didn't think I was too "mature" for it; I just lost interest in it. I didn't know that there would be more series after the first. As I grew older, I saw that more series had been released. Warriors became more famous. I was surprised - people actually knew about Warriors. There were Warriors dreams on Furcadia, Warriors RPG's on Gaia, and so on. This was so shocking to me - how could this tiny thing that I thought only my friend and I knew about, with that one tiny author-centric website, grow into a huge phenomenom? It had become mainstream, something that I never thought would happen.

This year, 2010, I decided to put all my Barnes & Noble giftcards to good use and, with the help of my same friend from sixth grade, purchase the second series. I strung my other friend along who worked at Gamestop; for some reason, this gave us a 25% discount at Barnes & Noble. I'm actually still reading the series, and I try to avoid spoilers when I can.

I decided to make a website out of curiosity. I had made inefficient but somewhat attractive websites before (nothing serious, just small pages on Geocities), and I was familiar with CSS from all my time working on Myspace layouts, so I decided to try it. I always knew I could do it; I'm smart and good with computers. And, here I am today. If you have read it through to the end, I appreciate your interest in me. Enjoy my site.