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Warrior Cats Resource

Warriors Cats Resource is a website devoted to help with naming, cat creation, and clan creation, whether it be for roleplaying or fanfiction. Use the links on the left to navigate the site.

11/22/2010 Not dead!

Note: The site is not dead. :) I have not been making many updates, but I do check the site every day. Feel free to get active! Post in the chatbox, join the forums, etc. The webmistress is still here, so the site is still alive.

9/10/2010 Massive Advertising

Well, my website is finally complete, for the most part :) I've been advertising as much as I can, requesting to be affiliates, posting on forums, adding my site to Google, etc. Hopefully, I'll get some hits pretty soon!

9/9/2010 Added Graphics Pages, Major Forum Updates, Tone Update.

I added graphics for the forums and overall made major updates for the forums. I'm also changing the tone of some of my writing on this website to make it less ridiculous-sounding. The site will be ready for release soon.

9/2/2010 Added Clan Names Page, Made Minor Updates

Busy adding pages and updating CSS code.

9/1/2010 Added Unique Features Page, Made Minor Updates

More updates!

8/31/2010 Added Old News Page, Links Page, and Under Construction Page; Made Minor Updates

More self-explanatory updates.

8/30/2010 Added Links Page, Updated Other Pages

I've been pounding out the updates lately. Today, I added a Links page. I also tweaked the "Link to WCR" button when I saw how unattractive mine looked next to the ones from other websites. I also made a couple of other minor changes to other pages.

8/29/2010 Added Fur Patterns Page

HUGE update today. Enjoy all my hard work!

8/28/2010 Added Eye Colors and Contact Me Page; Fixed Headers

I didn't like the current header system that I had, so I tweaked it somewhat. More importantly, I'm throwing in some new pages. Enjoy!

8/27/2010 Added Affiliates Page, Link to WCR Page

Slowly, my website becomes fleshed out. I added an affiliates page and a "link to us" page. I also updated the affiliates bar on the right.

8/27/2010 Index Page/News Updated

I figured I should start actually writing down the updates that I make to my site, so here we go. This is the first one I'm documenting.